Bill Plaschke is a Tool

We at NE Patriots Draft have made it a point to keep “Spygate” where it belongs, the past, so please bear with us for a moment. We have a beef to settle:

Yo Momma!
Bringing up “Spygate” has become the Sports Media equivalent of saying “yo momma”. When a media-hack can’t think of something funny or insightful to say, that’s what they bring up. Have a small issue like Nick Kaczur’s unfortunate opiod dependence? Well, let’s blow it out of proportion and link it with “Spygate”. Why aren’t they relating it to Brett Favre?

Tipping Point
The tipping point for us came during pre-game festivities on Sportscenter for the NBA Finals where they had Bob Ryan and Bill Plaschke on discussing the humorous bet proposal between the two mayors. Plaschke, however, became disoriented and thought he was on the set of “Around the Horn”. He acted like a complete lunatic, degrading the Patriots at every chance and laying his hands on Ryan on two occasions. Ryan, staying professional, tried to redirect the conversation and thankfully (maybe) refrained from punching the utter D.B. Plaschke in the face. Talk about the Celtics and Lakers! It’s the Finals of the Decade! You don’t need to supplement the drama!

The Future

Can Bob Ley do something about this? Is TMQ not the most biased man on the planet as I thought? I think I’m going to start tuning in to the Best Damn Sports Show for my straight sports news and information needs.

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3 Responses to “Bill Plaschke is a Tool”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The patriots cheated, bottom line. I don’t care if it made a difference or not, Belichek new he was breaking the rules and it wasn’t his “interpretation.” He’s a smart guy and new what he was doing. Giants won. KARMA baby!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Plaschke is an idiot..He has an agenda against the Patriots..He probably lost a lot of money betting against them in the past and can’t forgive them..You don’t hear him talking about all of the cheating going on at Southern Cal..Adefinitiv Left coaster..Caltenn11

  3. Paul says:

    why can’t people just drop the “spygate” thing. ESPECIALLY when they are on the air to cover a completely different sport!

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