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New England Patriots
Projected Record: 16-0 (I tried to not be a homer and put down 15-1, but really, but how is this year’s team worse than last year?)

What Needs to Happen: The Patriots really just need to continue doing what they were doing last year. New parts like Mayo, Hobson, Wheatley and Crable need to be integrated well, and the rookies in that bunch need to learn quickly.

What Needs to Not: Injuries and age can’t catch up to the Patriots. Some of the key cogs (Moss, Vrabel, Bruschi, Harrison etc…) are getting older while many have injury concerns. “Next man in” is their mantra, but they can only cover so many holes, especially on defense.

Buffalo Bills
Projected Record: 7-9

What Needs to Happen: I’m not sure why the Bills aren’t better. Maybe it is coaching, maybe it’s a team leadership problem, but whatever it is, the Bills need to stop underachieving. I know they have had injury issues in the past, but they need to be a 53-man team. Marshawn Lynch is sick, but let’s hope that his “car troubles” aren’t a harbringer of what is to come.

What Needs to Not: Lee Evans can’t be their only deep threat this year, while Trent Edwards can’t have a sophomore slump

New York Jets
Projected Record: 3-13

What Needs to Happen: Eric Mangini needs to pick the quarterback that he wants to lose with already. The Jets will have to integrate many expensive new parts into their system, something they won’t be able to do.

What Needs to Not: Regardless of whether it is due to injury or design, Chad Pennington can’t be throwing passes for the Jets if they want to sniff the playoffs in 2008.

Miami Dolphins
Projected Record: 1-15

What Needs to Happen: Who freaking knows. This team got marginally better this off-season, but they still don’t have a defense or a quarterback, and last time we checked those are important things.

What Needs to Not: (See 2007)

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5 Responses to “AFC East Predictions”

  1. Neil Joshi says:

    I think the Pats will have this division locked up by Week 10, but I still think there’s no possible way this team can go 16-0 again.

  2. Matthew Kimel says:

    18-1 would be nice.

  3. Sean says:

    I do not want 16-0. Too much stress. For me.

  4. James says:

    The Patriots did lose about half of their starting D back in 2004, and they won the SB with Earthwind Moreland and Hank Poteat playing CB.The Bills could go 10-6 or 6-10 in my book. 2nd year QB’s do weird things, and Dick Jauron’s ability to develop this talented team isn’t evident yet. As for being Homer Driven, guilty as charged.

  5. Chris says:

    I’m going to treat this for what it is: a homer driven overview that really could use some more substance.The Bills need to stop underachieving? Let’s see, they lost a starting corner, middle linebacker, safety and an outside LB…in the first SIX quarters of action. Marshawn Lynch was a rookie, and regarding his “problems”, there aren’t any. He’s pleading guilty to a traffic violation this week and the case will become a non issue. Trent Edwards was a rookie quarterback who played well considering a lack of weapons.If New England had a rookie QB, say Matt Cassel, and were minus Asante Samuel, Adalius Thomas, Mike Vrabel and Rodney Harrison for 15 of 16 games, do you think they would be a competitive ballclub? I think not. Remember that Buffalo was in the playoff mix into December with a battered, young football team. That experience, plus solid drafting, can only make it better, not worse.The Jets won’t make the playoffs, regardless if Pennington or Clemens is under center. Their run game is suspect, their receivers are non entities outside of an aging Coles, and while they did improve defensively, it will not be enough.Miami, flat out, is a train wreck.

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