NFL: Putting Girls through Med School

Ever wonder what happens with your money when you buy an NFL ticket? We’ll be showing you how buying an NFL ticket can impact so many lives.

The Ticket
Meet Joe Six-Pack, a worker in Dallas. According to the US Census Bureau he probably makes about $47,000 a year. When he buys a ticket for $85 (the average Cowboy ticket) that represents about 10% of his weekly paycheck — a pretty good chunk if you ask us. Let’s see what happens to that $85 dollars.

The Owner
NFL ticket sales are split 60% for the home team and 40% for the visitor so Jerry Jones gets to keep $51 initially. Teams like the Jaguars and Cardinals must love playing the Cowboys and other high-revenue teams.

The Team
NFL Players receive 60% of revenue, so forgetting about expenses the Cowboys players would receive $31 of the original $85. The owners are going to try and lower that percentage by opting out of the CBA, but that is going to be easier said than done. This year the salary cap clocks in at $116,729,000, but each team has a slightly different number due to incentives. Dallas, for example has $117,727,443 in space for 2008.

The Player
Pacman Jones will earn an average of about $3,000,000 per year during his four contract years in Dallas, provided that he is reinstated prior to the 2008 season. That is 2.5% of the Cowboys’ cap room, so Jones would receive about $1 of the original money that Joe Six-Pack

The Girl
We all know what Pacman Jones likes to do with $1 bills, and most girls that would receive that buck are studying for Med School, so I hear. So there you go Joe Six-Pack, keep buying those tickets!

5 Responses to “NFL: Putting Girls through Med School”

  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Derek from Cloud9 Sports says:

    Singles won’t cut it anymore with all the inflation these days. /says the MBA stripper

  3. Joe says:

    Haha, hilarious article, as well as comments, but I always thought it was for a sick grandmother.

  4. Dannie says:

    World of isaac – hilarious. James great post, like the methodical breakdown of where my money goes when I go to game. Stumbled and barked.

  5. World of Isaac says:

    med school?….I thought they were all struggling in law school…at least, thats what she told me last night…

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