NCAA Players to Watch: Big 10

First in a 7-part series, NE Patriots Draft takes a look at who NFL fans should be watching in the NCAA games coming this fall. First up today is the players from the Big 10 Conference.

Part 2: Big 12
Malcolm Jenkins – CB – Ohio St.
Big Game: Oct. 18 vs Michigan
This OSU corner would have been a top-20 pick in this year’s draft and should top the corner rankings in 2009. He has great speed, quickness, and ball-skills, as well as being able to recover quickly. Jenkins is a complete player.
Curtis Painter – QB – Purdue
Big Game: Oct. 11 vs OSU
Looking to become the next Drew Brees to come out of Joe Tiller’s pass-happy offense, Painter had an impressive 2007 campaign where he toned down his miscues. If he keep his TD/INT ratio high again this year, he could compete to be the first quarterback taken next year.
Travis Beckum – TE – Wisconsin
Big Game: Sept. 27 vs Michigan
Travis is more Kellen Winslow Jr. than Tony Gonzalez, as he isn’t known as an in-line blocker. He can stretch the field and keep safeties busy though. Beckum would fit well in a spread offense in the NFL.
Mitch King – DT – Iowa
Big Game: Nov. 8 vs Penn St.
Mitch King isn’t a household name, yet. He is undersized, but his motor never stops and he just seems to make plays. He would fit well in a 4-3 defense that stunts often and has a deep rotation.
James Laurinaitis – LB – Ohio St.
Big Game: Oct. 18 vs Michigan
We aren’t as high as most with Animal Junior, but he is a very solid prospect. We can’t see him playing inside in a 3-4, as he doesn’t shed blocks well at all. He is very tough to block, but when he is, he will disappear from the play. Inside in a 4-3 would be an ideal spot where a couple of massive DT’s can protect him and allow him to use his athletecism to make plays.
Vontae Davis – CB – Illinois
Big Game: Nov. 15 vs OSU
Vernon’s little brother jumped on the Ron Zook recruiting train and has excelled with the Illini. His great CB size while keeping the requisite speed will make his stock soar. He is still a little rough around the edges, but should continue to develop into a solid corner.

6 Responses to “NCAA Players to Watch: Big 10”

  1. Justin Havard says:

    Also dont forget about Donovan Warren he may only be a Sophomore but he is definately a top 5 CB in the BigTen this year and next year will be phenomenal.

  2. Scout says:

    Need to keep an eye on CB Morgan Trent from Michigan, he is very fast, and has a huge upside. He will be the best CB in the Big 10 this year.

  3. Cory from Dental Heroes says:

    I like Mitch King. I’ll admit that I’m a Hawks fan, but he has some great talent and athleticism.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Mitch King is the man!

  5. Patriots Draft says:

    Everyone already watches him, so I didn’t think I needed to highlight him. He should be a good prospect though.

  6. Anonymous says:

    you forgot to mention Chris “Beanie” Wells, who some people have picked as a pre-season Heisman favorite.

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