May-o Day

“I’m a hard worker and I’m coming here to contribute to this team in any way that I can, whether it be with special teams or with the starters. I’m coming to make a contribution and help with a championship.”

May 1st marked the day when Jerod Mayo was formally introduced to the Patriot family. Sort of like meeting your girlfriend’s parents for the first time, first impressions are incredibly important. A careless word or two in your first few days as a Patriot can earn you the scorn of an entire locker room of veterans. Coming off sounding like a seasoned veteran himself, Mayo passed his first test as a member of the Patriots family. Papa Belichick was undoubtedly pleased.

Mayo will be put to the test May 3rd on the field during the first day of Patriots Minicamp, where he will be wearing no. 51. He and his fellow rookies will be looking to impress the coaching staff by picking up schemes quickly and learning from their mistakes. A total of fifteen undrafted free agents, listed here, will be joining Mayo and his fellow draftees. Most prominent among them is Mike Dragosavich, the big-man-on-campus at NDSU and a heckuva punter. He has an odd technique, but you can’t argue with his results.


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