Matt Ryan > Tom Brady

Why would I say that Matt Ryan is better than Tom Brady? Well, according to the AP, the Falcons QB just sigend a 6 year, 72 million dollar contract. He is set to receive 34 million in guarantees over the life of the contract, almost five million more than Jake Long, the first pick in the draft. Both Chris Long and Darren McFadden should be very happy with what just transpired. Tom Condon, Ryan’s agent, should be buying tonight…

Tom Brady, however, is sitting here making a paltry salary of 5 million dollars, with a 3 million dollar roster bonus, although due to prior bonuses, his cap number is nearly 15 million dollars.

How can a rookie QB that has never taken a snap in the NFL be making more than arguably the greatest QB of all time? Moreover, why is Gene Upshaw and the NFLPA okay with this? If I were a veteran NFL player, I would be clamoring for my piece of the pie, rather than idly watching GM’s throwing cash at unproven rookies.

Think that the NFL owners voting to opt-out of the CBA had anything to do with this?

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2 Responses to “Matt Ryan > Tom Brady”

  1. Anonymous says:

    They should make a salary cap for rookies. The fist round picks end up making way too much.

  2. Anonymous says:

    NFL owners don’t care about rookie salaries because all player salaries must fit under the cap. All they care about is the overall percentage of revenues that they get. Now it’s 40%, they want it to be more. If rookie wages go even higher but they’re getting more of total revenue, they’re good with that.

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