2009 NFL Mock Draft

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NE Patriots Draft finished 4th out of 94 mock drafts in 2008 according to the Huddle Report.

FINAL Mock Draft Updated April 24th, 2009

1. Detroit Lions
Matt Stafford, QB, Georgia
Seems to be the choice for the Lions.

2. St. Louis Rams

Jason Smith, OT, Baylor
Good building block for the Rams.

3. Kansas City Chiefs
Tyson Jackson, DL, LSU
We feel that the Chiefs will move down and get this Ty Warren look-a-like.

4. Seattle Seahawks
Eugene Monroe, OT, Virgina
If they can’t get Sanchez, Monroe is the guy.

5. Cleveland Browns
Michael Crabtree, WR, Texas Tech
With Braylon Edwards on the way out, Crabtree will be the man.

6. Cincinnati Bengals
Andre Smith, OT, Alabama
Cost himself money this spring, but still a great player.

7. Oakland Raiders
Jeremy Maclin, WR, Missouri
A polished receiver and return threat for Al Davis. Shocking.

8. Jacksonville Jaguars
Aaron Curry, LB, Wake Forest
Instant Upgrade on the defense.

9. Green Bay Packers
BJ Raji, DT, Boston College
Big man in the middle, can play 3-4 or 4-3.

10. San Fransisco 49ers
Brian Orakpo, DE, Texas
Will take some heat off of Willis.

11. Buffalo Bills

Michael Oher, OT, Ole Miss
Without Jason Peters, they need someone to block.

12. Denver Broncos
Malcolm Jenkins, CB/S, Ohio St.
A great football player, regardless of times.

13. Washington Redskins
Mark Sanchez, QB, USC
We see the Redskins moving up.

14. New Orleans Saints
Brian Cushing, LB, USC
Adding athleticism and versatility to the defense.

15. Houston Texans
Rey Maualuga, LB, USC
Big thumper to go along with the athletic Ryans.

16. San Diego Chargers

Robert Ayers, DE, Tennessee
Better than Olshansky was right out of the box.

17. New York Jets
Josh Freeman, QB, Kansas State
This would be a pretty solid pick for the Jets, so we know that I’m wrong here.

18. Denver Broncos (CHI)
Chris Wells, RB, Ohio State
If his ankle is fine, he is the best RB in the draft.

19. Tampa Bay Bucs
Darrius Heyward-Bey, WR, Maryland
DHB is a perfect replacement for Galloway.

20. Detroit Lions (DAL)
Peria Jerry, DL, Ole Miss
Have to upgrade both sides of the ball.

21. Philadelphia Eagles
Brandon Pettigrew, TE, Oklahoma State
A nice little comfort blanket for McNabb.

22. Minnesota Vikings
Hakeem Nicks, WR, North Carolina
Can catch Rosenfels’ passes and recover his fumbles.

23. New England Patriots
Aaron Maybin, DE/LB, Penn State
Natural Pass-Rusher

24. Atlanta Falcons

Everette Brown, DE, FSU
With Tony G, they can splurge on D.

25. Miami Dolphins
Larry English, DE/LB, Northern Illinois
Pass Rush isn’t overrated.

26. Baltimore Ravens

Darius Butler, CB, UConn
Ravens need a good CB without Ivy and McAlister.

27. Indianapolis Colts
James Laurinaitis, LB, Ohio State
Lack of false steps and good instincts make him a natural fit.

28. Buffalo Bills

Max Unger, OL, Oregon
Bills still have a need for interior linemen.

29. New York Giants

Eben Britton, OT, Arizona
It’s probable that the Giants won’t have this pick.

30. Tennessee Titans

Kenny Britt, WR, Rutgers
Collins and/or VY need targets.

31. Arizona Cardinals
Knowshon Moreno, RB, Georgia
Edge can’t do it forever.

32. Pittsburgh Steelers
William Beatty, OT, UConn
Two Huskies in a row, but Big Ben bequests blockers.

NFL Mock Draft – 2nd Round

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64 Responses to “2009 NFL Mock Draft”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Why do the Broncos need a 15th running back? Read a paper.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The Pats want Rey Maualuga. English is way overrated and lacks any quality experience. They will never draft Smith.

  3. Anonymous says:

    There is no way the Patriots take Delmas at 23! A more likely scenario is an OLB at 23, like Cushing or Matthews, and then an OT at 34 (like William Beatty), a CB at 47 (like Alphonso Smith), and a SS at 58 (like Patrick Chung). The Patriots have two safties both better suited to play FS than SS, they need a replacement for Rodney Harrison, and Chung is more physical and bigger than Delmas, who would project to more of a FS in the NFL.

  4. pooky says:

    Terrible mock. Donald Brown at 14? Seriously? The team with last year’s #1 offense and 23rd ranked defense drafts offense? The Saints MIGHT have a need for a power/short yardage back, but they sure don’t need to spend their only first day pick/first round money on a situational player.

    This mock is all over the place. One of the worst I’ve seen this year.

  5. Admin says:

    Crabtree is going later in the 1st round.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hard to trust anything on a draft board that doesent even have Crabtree listed. Maybe a team can sign him as a free agent walk on……. ha ha

  7. Anonymous says:

    but you are saying that tramon williams is a but along with pat lee who they drafted last year. that is why bj raji makes more sence for the packers to take

  8. Anonymous says:

    WR Brandon Rice should definitely be moved up. I’ve seen this guy play. He may not be the 4.4 guy, but he’s extremely technical and a great route runner, and has magnetic hands. He’s more of a possession receiver. I really hope this guy makes a team.

  9. Admin says:

    BJ Raji = ? marks and amazing talent

    Malcolm Jenkins = Very few ? marks and amazing talent

    Packers have an aging secondary that will get worse quickly if they don’t start turning it over.

  10. Anonymous says:

    If the Packers are switching to a 3-4 scheme and have no nose tackle and the best secondary in the NFC, then why would they take Jenkins over BJ Raji? …

    This is why super fans should not do mock drafts.

  11. Anonymous says:

    There is no way the green bay passes up on Raji or oher

  12. Admin says:

    This is AL DAVIS we are talking about right…

  13. Anonymous says:

    How the hell do you have DNB and maclin going ahead of crabtree?????

  14. Admin says:

    Larry English projects to an OLB

  15. Anonymous says:

    The Texans just signed Smith from AZ as their starting DE opposite Mario – they won’t waste a first rounder on another DE. Their target is OLB and CB/S.

  16. Admin says:

    How can you say that he does? Look at his draftees! If he really cared, he would stop drafting gangstas and malcontents.Oh, thanks for reading.

  17. Anonymous says:

    your an ass for thinking marvin lewis does not vare how his players act off the field…oh and your mock draft sucks..

  18. Anonymous says:

    Is Devin Moore the best kept secret. His times and stats where as good or better then most everyones

  19. Anonymous says:

    patriots should pick rey mauagula, connor barwin, and pat white in there first 3 picks

  20. Anonymous says:

    with Shonn Greene gaining weight, and dropping in value, it would be nice for the browns to take Larry English with the 36th pick and then with the 50th take lesean mccoy

  21. Anonymous says:

    with Shonn Greene gaining weight, and dropping in value, it would be nice for the browns to take Larry English with the 36th pick and then with the 50th take lesean mccoy, according to your mock both players would be there at those picks

  22. bucky lasek says:

    I agree with this… the lions are not going to risk having a QB that projects as a solid starter at best when there is an exceptional LB that can contribute instantly…

  23. Anonymous says:

    If Sanchez goes to the Lions as the first pick in round 2, it would be the shock of the draft.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Why can’t my name…..Russell Mead……be in the NFL

  25. Admin says:

    If you look at Round Two, they are drafting Sanchez.

  26. Anonymous says:

    If Detroit doesn’t take a qb @ #1, who is going to be D’s qb–Culpepper??!!??

  27. Anonymous says:

    Andre Smith is the man regardless of what he did or didn’t do at the combine. WATCH SOME FILM!

  28. Anonymous says:

    this mock along with the comments from most of these users are terrible.A. Smith #1 overall?michael Johnson #5? shonn green #9 to the packers?ohhh, patriots fans, silly me.

  29. Anonymous says:

    dumbest draft ever with Andre Smith #1 he will be lucky to get drafted in the first round

  30. Anonymous says:

    @Haddadi-So what if he blew off the combine – He is still the best OT prospect… who cares what he runs the 40 in?

  31. jhaddadi says:

    whoever writes this is probly the dumbest football writer going. Andre Smith going #1 AFTER he blows off the combine? Hes gonna be lucky to go top 15 now that he showed up overweight and having terrible interviews. He is now the #3 or 4th OT taken. Do your research idiots.

  32. Anonymous says:

    There is no way the Broncos will draft Vontae Davis in the first round. They need a linebacker like Rey Maualuga for there new 3-4 defense or a solid running back

  33. Anonymous says:

    Did you guys notice that you have the Raiders taking an OT in the 1st and 2nd round. I agree that it is an area of need, but there is no way they do that. Too many other holes to fill.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Michael Johnson is a safe pick. He is tall, fast,athlete and much stronger than appears. He may be the most underrated player in this draft.

  35. Anonymous says:

    The Packers should draft Shonn Greene from Iowa with the #9 pick. With him and Ryan Grant in the backfield the Packers running game would be unstopable.

  36. Austin says:

    dude… an ot for the texans??? you’d think they would address a need in the first round wouldnt you? the rt eric winston was signed to a huge deal and played solid. last season in the first round the texans took lt duane brown and played excellent practicing with mario williams. let me help you out there cheif. think defence. mainly de or lb in first. cb if dunte robinson is not resigned.

  37. Anonymous says:

    i think the Matt Cassell trade is a definative part of that first round equasion….There are too many teamsin need of a starting quarterback….particularly one that has shown he can be successful at this level….Ask San Fransisco withAlex Smith…Why take a chance when there is a proven commodity availible ??…particularly at the price you have to pay !!!

  38. Anonymous says:

    Good 2009 NFL Mock Draft

  39. Anonymous says:

    I agree that the Jags will need to address there CB position this year. But our QB got hit more than any other QB in the nfl. We also lost two lineman to injuries and just let go our starting Left tackle. We will get a lineman with the first pick whether it be at 8 or to trade down and get more picks and pick a late first round player

  40. Anonymous says:

    FYI…. ZERO chance the Texans pass up on Mays if he is there. Especially for someone who is a 3-4 LB/DE tweener.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Hey, send me an email at jhutch717@gmail.com I know of a mock draft database and top 100 rankings you may want to be listed in.

  42. Anonymous says:

    no way cheifs will get a qb, if u put tom brady(when he was healty) couldnt survive behind our line they have to get a DE or O-line

  43. Anonymous says:

    No way chiefs will pick up crabtree at number 3 either. The chiefs cant afford to pass up a good qb, or Brian Orakpo, DE, Texas to pick up a wr.

  44. Anonymous says:

    no way that the niners are getting a nother qb come the fuck on there getting o-line or a saftey

  45. Greg says:

    How do we know that Crabtree’s return skills are off the charts? I mean, he could probably be a decent return man, but has he ever even run back a kick in college?

  46. Admin says:

    You are absolutely right Mr. Fitz… I do wish Merriman is done for good. Also Mr. Classy LT.

  47. johnny Fitz says:

    you wish “Merrimen is done for good”

  48. Anonymous says:

    I don’t see Matthew Stafford as the first overall pick, not even sure he will be a first rounder. Well, maybe around pick 20 – 25. Bradford is the better pro prospect compared to Stafford. I am surprised you have Orakpo still available to the Texans at pick #12, when he is projected as a top 5 pick. I would love to see the Texans get him at pick 12, but no way he is still available there. The Texans will be picking anywhere between pick 11 and 18, depending on the last weeks results.

  49. Gray says:

    Peria Jerry and Greg Hardy both of Ole Miss are for sure 1st rounders. Do your homework!

  50. Anonymous says:

    I cant justify top 5 gauranted money for crabtree at number 4 he lacks game breaking speed review all his game footage he is continually chased down in the secondary I believe the seahawks will go oline or dtackle here not crabtree

  51. Anonymous says:

    Best small school prospects for the 2009 NFL Draft QB.1. Rhett Bomar – Sam Houston State2. Nathan Brown – Central Arkansas3. Mike Reilly – Central Washington4. Chris Pizzotti – Harvard5. Ryan Perriloux – Jacksonville State*6. Dominic Randolph – Holy Cross7. Keith Null – West Texas A&M8. Cole Bergquist – Montana9. Billy Malone – Abilene Christian10. Rodney Landers – James Madison11. Cris Reisert – Ohio Dominican12. Jake Phillips – William and Mary13. Bobby Reid – Texas Southern14. Zach Miller – Nebraska Omaha15. Lance Kriesen – Northern ArizonaHB.1. Javarris Williams – Tennessee State2. Herb Donaldson – Illinois State3. Branden Ore – West Liberty State4. Corey Lewis – Northern Iowa5. Rashad Jennings Liberty6. Tyler Roehl – North Dakota State7. Jerry Seymour – Glenville State8. Bernard Scott – Abilene Christian9. Jay Lucas – Southeastern Louisiana10. Mike McLeod – Yale11. Jordan Scott – Colgate12. George Bell – Catawba13. JT Rogan – San DiegoWR.1. Ramses Barden – Cal Poly2. Jeremy Gilchrist – Hampton3. Johnny Knox – Abilene Christian4. JaRon Harris – South Dakota State5. Quinten Lawrence – McNeese State6. Justin Brown – Hampton7. Jamar Johnson – Norfolk State8. Julius Williams – Ouachita Baptist9. Ed Gant – North Alabama10. Charly Martin – West Texas A&M11. Terrance Butler – Presbyterian12. Edward Thompson – Idaho State13. TJ Courman – Appalachian State14. Dominique Edison – Stephen F. Austin15. John Matthews – San Diego16. Bryant Eteuati – Weber State17. Garrett Manning – Henderson State18. Royce Winford – Augsburg19. Brandon Rice – UC-DavisTE1. Brian Mandeville – Northeastern2. Marquez Branson – Central Arkansas3. Jared Bronson – Central Washington4. Robbie Agnone – Delaware5. Scott Sicko – New Hampshire6. Ryan Chesla – Northern Colorado7. Ian Jorgensen – Massachusetts8. Jeremiah Wurzbacher – North Dakota State9. Colin Cloherty – Brown10. Brandon Bostick – Montana State11. Gerald Stockdale – Alabama A&MOT1. Cornelius Lewis – Tennessee State2. Nick Hennessy – Colgate3. Joel Bell – Furman4. Tim Silver – Richmond5. Raphael Nguti – Albany6. Samuel Allen – Grand Valley State7. Ben Coblyn – Massachusetts8. Brent Russum – Montana9. Adrian Brown – Delaware State10. Derek Wooten – WoffordOG1. Roger Allen – Missouri Western2. Louis West – Henderson State3. Dakarai Grimsley – Morgan State4. William Giles – Tennessee-Chattanooga5. Tim Henderson – Northwestern State6. Dennis Conley – Hampton7. JD Quinn – Montana8. Eman Naghavi – McNeese State9. Tom Pestock – Northwest Missouri State10. Jonathan Compas – Cal-DavisC1. Cecil Newton – Tennessee State2. Jonathan St-Pierre – Illinois State3. Brad Samsa – Youngstown State4. Colin Dow – Montana5. Scott Lemn – James Madison6. Tommy Crowley – West Texas A&M7. Raymond Harrison – South Carolina StateDE1. Brandon Swain – West Texas A&M2. Lawrence Sidbury Jr – Richmond3. Pierre Walters – Eastern Illinois4. Joe Crawford – Tiffin5. Kirby Griffin – California PA6. Dexter Manley II – West Texas A&M7. Mark Huygens – Northern Iowa8. Louis Ellis – Shaw9. Ataefiok Etukeren – Georgetown10. Troy Pribnow – Wayne StateDT1. John Faletoese – UC-Davis2. Sammie Lee Hill – Stillman3. Jake Visser – Ferris State4. Jovan Belcher – Maine5. Eric Schroeder – South Dakota State6. Desmond Bryant – Harvard7. Andre Wright – Glenville State8. Mychal Savage – Youngstown State9. Mario Lane – MorehouseOLB1. Lee Robinson – Alcorn State2. Jason Williams – Western Illinois3. Pierre Banks – Appalachian State4. Bobby Daly – Montana State5. Jared Brock – West Texas A&M7. Nathan Williams – Murray State8. Marcellus Speaks – Jackson StateILB1. Alfred Williams – Alabama A&M2. Redmond Willis – Tennessee State3. Josh Mitchell – Charleston Southern4. Andrew Schantz -Portland State5. Desmond Hendricks – Rhodes College6. Ramon Humber – North Dakota State7. William Williams – Union8. Shawn Melland – University of Mary9. Tom Korte – HillsdaleCB1. Dominique Johnson – Jackson State2. Ladarius Webb – Nicholls State3. Jackie Bates – Hampton4. Darren Banks – West Liberty State5. DJ Clark – Idaho State6. Sean Smalls – Massachusetts7. Jarvis Richards – Youngstown State8. Pete Ittersagen – Wheaton9. Andrew Berry – Harvard10. Kevin Gerard – Northern Arizona11. Monterio James – Delta State12. Don Carey – Norfolk State13. Dominic Spinks – Delta State14. Derek Cox – William and MaryS1. Sam Pope – Hampton2. Dre’Mail Hardin – Stillman3. Steward Franks – Arkansas Pine-Bluff4. Colt Anderson – Montana5. Chris Camacho – Tennessee-Chattanooga6. Marcus Haywood – James Madison7. Roderick Jones – Elizabeth City State8. Kent Hicks – Liberty9. Thomas Twitty – Furman10. Salim Koroma – Villanova11. Tyler Reed – Southwest Minnesota State

  52. Anonymous says:

    Tim Tebow? Hello!! Since when has any qb of his kind been suitable for the NFL? he goes undrafted…

  53. Admin says:

    Andy Reid loves linemen, and they only have 3 DT’s locked up for next year. With two first-rounders, they can make a luxury/future pick.

  54. Anonymous says:

    why would the eagles draft another DT when they have two first rounders there and drafted one in round 2 last year? it makes no sense

  55. Anonymous says:

    Like the raiders draft but dont realy see bengals passing up chris wells and if they do no way in hell he gets past NYJ. Who said anything about jets taking crabtree are we reading the same mock?? not trying to be a d!ck just wondering

  56. Anonymous says:

    Are we really hyping over matt cassel so much that the partiots are drafting 23rd, I don’t know

  57. BlueWorkhorse says:

    If you include Texas as part of the southeast, 7 of the top 8 picks come from the southeast.

  58. Anonymous says:

    I dont think it will go that way.Dont get me wrong,its a good prediction,but Miami wont be the first pick.They will be third or fourth.Oakland will be first to pick,odds are they will get Tebow.Stafford will be drafted second.

  59. Anonymous says:

    You got it backwards, Andre Smith is the best OL prospect since Orlando Pace, not Michael Oher.

  60. NE Patriots Draft says:

    Crabtree will be eligible for the NFL Draft. He redshirted his 2006 season. Crabtree will be 3 years out of high-school and thus eligible for the 2009 NFL draft.

  61. Anonymous says:

    umm crabtree wont be able to come out. he will only have finished his sophomore year.

  62. Anonymous says:

    I really dont see the jets taking Crabtree if Chris Wells is still around. I know Crabtree is a better prospect but the jets like to run the ball and feel that they need someone to replace Thomas Jones.

  63. Anonymous says:

    Don’t konw fbkid, I like Tebow and Painter before Stafford

  64. FBKid says:

    Good mock but I don’t see Tebow going before Stafford. Stafford has run a pro style offense while the Urban Myer offense doesn’t transition to the pros. Alex Smith is an example of that. Other then that I like the picks except Heyward-Bey probably won’t fall that far.

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