Vince Wilfork on Draft Day

Each year, tons of fans and friends get together to watch the draft, hopeful that this year will be the one that everything falls into place. For others, Draft Day can mean a whole lot more. Vince Wilfork was kind enough to chat with us at NE Patriots Draft for a while before this year’s big day.

NE Patriots Draft: What was your experience like on Draft Day? Were you excited to go to the Patriots?

Vince: Draft day was an amazing experience. It was a little nerve wracking when I didn’t get to go where I thought I was going in the draft. But everything happens for a reason. I went to a great team and won a superbowl my rookie year.

NE Patriots Draft: Could you tell our readers a little bit about your draft day Fundraiser?

Vince: My draft day fundraiser was started when I was drafted. it was a way for me to open up the experience to the fans and the public. It was a great event. I used that event as a way to help other people avoid going what I went through when I lost my father to diabetes. So all of the funds raised went to the Diabetes research institute. Since then I have been doing the event every year. This will be my fifth year and what I hope to be our best year. Last year we raised over $40,000.00 for the cause and we hope to pass that this year. You can get information and buy tickets at and for any one who wants to donate they can email me at for more information.

NE Patriots Draft: What type of skill set do the Patriots look for when drafting/acquiring guys to play behind you? Does their ability to shed guards matter more than speed?

Vince: The Patriots know what they are doing trust me. They want someone who is a complete package but they have to be stout in the middle.

NE Patriots Draft: Are there any fellow players from “The U” this year that could be Patriots?

Vince: I am not sure the Patriots have their game plan set up and every year we try to figure it out and just give up because what we think never happens. But I would love another hurricane to be on the field with me.

NE Patriots Draft: What is the best part of the off-season? The worst?

Vince: The best part of the off season is being able to spend time with my wife and kids. I miss so much of their lives while in season., The worst part would be that it doesn’t last too long.

NE Patriots Draft: What are you looking forward to most in the 2008 season?

Vince: I am ready to get back with my guys and move forward, It is a new season we all start off at 0-0 .


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