Trojan Horse: An Interview with Keith Rivers

For years Patriots fans have been searching for youth and playmaking at the inside linebacker position. Depending on what happens tomorrow at the 2008 NFL Draft, the loyal Patriots fans might have found their guy. USC Trojan linebacker and projected Top 10 Pick tomorrow Keith Rivers was kind enough to sit down and answer a few questions for NE Patriots Draft readers.
NE Patriots Draft: What did the Patriots coaching staff put you through during your visit?
Rivers: I spent most of my time watching film with Coach Belichick, Coach Pees and Coach Patricia. We watched the Cal game and went through my thoughts on each play from beginning to end. We also chatted about my background and what my time was like at USC. After spending time with Coach Pees and Coach Belichick, Coach Patricia and I went into another meeting room and watched the Arizona and Notre Dame games. After watching those films we went over some base alignments that the Pats run and where I’d fit in the scheme.
NE Patriots Draft: Where do you and the coaches think you would fit in the Pats 3-4 scheme?
Rivers: In their scheme there are two outside backers where Vrabel and Thomas play then in the inside they have two backers where Tedy and Junior play. I would fit in the scheme as an inside backer where Tedy and Junior play.
NE Patriots Draft: How do you feel about shedding guards inside? Would Vince Wilfork help you out there?
Rivers: I’m excited for the change to take on guards on the next level and I think playing with Vince would be great and would help me out a lot.
NE Patriots Draft: Describe playing for Pete Carroll.
Rivers: Playing for Coach Carroll has been great. He’s thought me and the rest of the SC players how to compete at the highest level. At SC he’s prepared us to take that next step by having us play an NFL style defense. Coming from FL to CA is tough, but when you have a coach like Coach Carroll and the other coaches like Ken Norton, Nick Holt, Rocky Seto and Chris Charlie it makes it easier.
NE Patriots Draft: What will you be doing on Draft day?
I will be with my family and friends, but my draft day can been seen at as soon as it all happens. I am looking forward to sharing the experience with all the fans.
NE Patriots Draft: Thanks for stopping by Keith, and good luck tomorrow!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice info on what a visit looks like from a player perspective

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