NFL Draft: Mayo on Sale

Looking at the salary cap implications of moving down from number seven to number ten, Patriots fans have to be very happy with their team’s savvy moves on day one of the NFL Draft. Last year, these are how the surrounding picks made out in terms of money.

  • 7 – Adrian Peterson – 6 years / 40.5 million
  • 8 – Jamaal Anderson – 5 years / 31 million
  • 9 – Ted Ginn – n/a
  • 10 – Amobi Okoye – 6 years / 15.4 million
  • 11 – Patrick Willis – 5 years / 16.65 million

Willis will probably be the closest proxy for Mayo, as he plays the same position. If we can expect a five percent increase from last year, we are looking at a contract somewhere in the vicinity of 5 years for 20 million dollars. A number seven pick is looking at a 6 year, 42 million contract this year, so the Patriots got quite a deal. Many people wonder why Belichick had to throw in a 5th round pick to get the deal to work, as the points chart says the 3rd round pick they received from New Orleans is a fair deal. Well, the salary cap says it all.

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