NFL Draft Mailbag 4/1

A few comments and questions from some nice, and not so nice readers:

Enjoyed the site, do you think the Patriots might trade ahead of the Jets to get Gholston? – Andrew G, Indiana

With Bill Belichick I’ll never say never, as he is very unpredictable when it comes to the NFL Draft, but I seriously doubt us trading into the Top Five. The salary cap ramifications become immense when drafting that high, and I still find it doubtful that we will such a risk on a rookie and pick at #7. Gholston is also starting to become known as overrated in some circles, although I still think he is the premier hybrid DE/LB in the draft. Who knows what lies beneath the hood…

Another &*%$@! Patriots site, you guys lost, get over it. 19 and what??? – Sarazen420, Whereabouts Unknown

Umm… thanks for stopping by!

Do you think we will still stockpile picks for next year in this deep draft? – Sammy V – Boston, Mass

As Belichick said himself that this draft is very deep, I would expect us to take the majority of our picks. That being said, with the great LB class coming out next year, we might want some dry powder to try and move up next year. Unless we aren’t getting good value, expect Belichick to use his picks this year.

Well, those were the three e-mail questions I have received so far, as the site has only been up two weeks. If you’d like to be featured in next week’s mailbag, drop me an email at

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