Top 10 Draft Busts of the 21st Century

Hopefully the Patriots don’t join this list with their #7 Pick this year.

10. Peter Warrick – WR – Cincinatti Bengals
The #4 pick of the 2000 draft, Warrick currently owns an Applebees. End of story.
9. David Carr – QB – Houston Texans
The #1 pick in 2002 for the expansion Texans really didn’t have a chance. He does hold some records about getting sacked alot though. Thats pretty cool.
8. Charles Rogers – WR – Detroit Lions
The #2 pick that started Matt Millens ill-fated obsession with WR’s had a promising start derailed by injury and later by drug use.
7. Mike Williams – WR – Detroit Lions
The #10 pick was perhaps the biggest bust for the Lions ever. After not playing football for a while, lets say that his body grew while his game didn’t. Big Mike is just big now.

6. Ahmad Carroll – CB – Green Bay
Although talented physically, Carroll couldn’t understand the defense, let alone cover anyone. He is currently getting burned in the Arena League.
5. Alex Smith – QB – San Francisco
Lots of hype + Tom Condon + Mega Money + Bad Team = Big Bust.
4. Joey Harrington – QB – Detroit
I’m starting to think I should have just made a list of dumb things that Matt Millen has done.
3. Robert Gallery – OT – Iowa
The #2 pick for the Raiders never recaptured the dominant form he had for the Hawkeyes.
2. Maurice Clarett – RB – Denver Broncos
The only non-first round pick on this list, he is also the only pick to get cut for “getting his Goose on”. Mike Shanahan can’t turn every RB into a pro-bowler.
1. Pacman Jones – CB – Tennessee
As the 6th pick of the draft, may never play again for the Titans. He had more arrests than picks. End of story.

One Response to “Top 10 Draft Busts of the 21st Century”

  1. Kellex says:

    It’s a good top 10 list though 🙂

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