Tom Brady’s Cap Number

As of March 6th, the Patriots were 10.8 million dollars under the cap. After signing rookies, there won’t be much room for flexibility. Many pundits have stated that to free up some cash for flexibility, the easiest way would be to extend or modify Tom Brady’s deal. Let’s check to see if that is feasible at this time.
In 2008 and 2009, Brady is due 5 million in base salary, 6.6 million in pro-rated signing bonuses, and a 3 million dollar roster bonus. This makes for a staggering cap number of 14.6 million dollars. An extension (to create cap space anyway) at this point is out of the question, unless it would be extremely creative. The Patriots can’t do anything about the 6.6 million dollars that will be on Tom’s cap number the next two years. If they added another pro-rated bonus, plus even a minimum salary, we’re right back where we started.

Modifying the existing deal is a little more interesting. The Patriots could convert approximately 4 million dollars of Brady’s 2008 salary into a signing bonus, which would be prorated over the next 3 years. This would save 2.7 million dollars for this year, but add a little over a million dollars to the next two years.

If we’re in a jam near the end of Week 12, look for Pioli and Brady to come together on a modification to free up some room.

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