Pre-Season TV Commentator Rankings

This is not an all-inclusive list, merely some of the more interesting and polarizing figures in the NFL commentary business, and the official NE Patriots Draft take on the them.

The Great

Dick Vermeil – Coach Vermeil brings a certain gravitas to any game he graces. Like a fine wine, he just gets better with age. Please come back Dick. Please. I’ll tend the grapes for you, just come back.

Cris Collinsworth – Collinswoth can come off as arrogant at times, but his analysis is the best in the game. Pointing out coverages and correctly explaining who made the mistake are right in his wheelhouse. He would be #1 if he wasn’t paired with such a dolt.

The Good

Gus Johnson – Gus instantly brings a game to the next level. His analysis and calls are middle of the road, but if the game gets close, and Gus’ voice gets higher, I start getting goose bumps.

Ron Jaworksi – When paired with the right people, Ron can take it to the next level. Paired with who he is now, being placed here is kind.

Tony Boselli – It’s rare to get a guy from the trenches that can talk so well about all aspects of the game.

Phil Simms – I think I might be the only one, but I really like his PhilOsophy comments and analysis of the game. His game has dropped a bit in the last few season, but he is still a solid commodity for CBS.

The Bad

Jim Nantz – His voice annoys the heck out of me. End of story.

Troy Aikman – Troy gets downgraded for his partner here. He offers some good analysis and insight, but he just doesn’t have enough panache to overpower the machine that is Joe Buck.

Joe Buck – Joe Buck. Joe Buck. Buck, Joe. That is all I hear when I’m watching a game done by this baseball announcer. He just doesn’t get our sport yet, and overpowers Troy Aikman.

MNF Team – PTI was old a couple of years ago, but Tony Kornheiser still thinks he’s hilarious. Mike Tirico seems lost, trying to muddle between the good but misplaced analysis of Jaworski and the incoherent analogies and pop culture references of Tony Kornheiser. See ya later knuckleheads.

John Madden – Boom! Tough actin’ Tinactin! Captain Obvious is still heading up the booth on Sunday Night Football for NBC. His mastery of the mundane and misuse of the telestrator is legendary. What happened here, is that NE Patriots Draft didn’t like John Madden, and they put him under the Bad header. Boom!

The Bryant Gumbel

Bryant Gumbel – Not only did Al Gore invent the internet, he also plays for the San Francisco 49’ers. I don’t have the space to list all the gaffes and mistakes that drag Cris Collinsworth down on the NFL network in this off-season, let alone this article.

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