4-3 vs 3-4

When the Patriots are on the clock, there should be some pretty good options available to them. One of those could be the massive DT Glenn Dorsey from LSU. Bil Belichick and VP Pioli have always expressed the desire to pick the best player available, and Glenn could fit that description.

How Dorsey would mesh with our 3-4 defense is another question. Dorsey is more suited to playing in the 4-3. Let’s take a look at our options if Dorsey is selected.

Stay with 3-4

Big Vince Wilfork tires out over the season, and even though Dorsey wouldn’t be a natural fit at NT for the Patriots, he and Vince would make a heck of a platoon.

Switch to 4-3

Imagine being an AFC East QB or RB and seeing these four faces in front of you: Seymour, Wilfork, Dorsey, Warren. Nobody would rush on us, and our LB’s would be fresher as the rotation would be down to three. Jarvis Green could sub in for Dorsey and then bring Seymour inside and move Green outside on passing downs.

Hybrid System

Bill was way ahead of the fad for Hybrids. He played 0-7, 1-6, 2-5, 3-4 and more against the Eagles in their Superbowl Victory. Imagine this lineup on running downs:

  • Defensive Line: Seymour, Dorsey, Wilfork, Warren
  • Linebackers: Thomas, Bruschi, Vrabel

And this lineup on passing downs:

  • Defensive Line: Warren, Seymour, Green
  • Vrabel, Bruschi, Seau/Nickelback, Thomas

Sounds fun and confusing to me! No matter who Belichick and Pioli decide on, look for some innovations with their new toy.

One Response to “4-3 vs 3-4”

  1. Soge shirts says:

    Scary that the patriots are going to get that high of a pick. If they get Dorsey it is over as he is a beast.

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